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Ceci L.G. October 03, 2012 8 Announcements

Opus Domini 2.4 for Mac - the latest update which includes the fix for users running Opus Domini on Snow Leopard is now available for download at the AppStore. Be sure to download it!


Jose Ines Cantu Arrambide September 04, 2012 Announcements


Please update to the newest version of Opus Domini 2.4.3. Will be available shortly

Thank you.



We have identified a bug on Opus Domini 2.3.7 on Snow Leopard.

This version introduces Core Location Services for weather reports on Lion and Mountain Lion and it activates itself automatically. To switch off the Core Location Service, you can do it by 2 ways.

1. Replace the file located on ~/Library/Preferences/com.piso13.opusDomini.plist with the one supplied on this post. This will have the side effect of reseting all preferences. Your data will not be affected.

2. Open the file at ~/Library/Preferences/com.piso13.opusDomini.plist with a property editor and set the locationservicesforweather key to false or 0 Save and open Opus Domini again.


Below is the preference panel where the option "Use location service if available" is present. On Snow Leopard it should not be selected.

I've also attached a screen shot of the location for the preferences file and how to modify the key value if you should go for option 2.

We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to get a fix soon to the App Store.

Best Regards,



Jose Ines Cantu Arrambide June 19, 2012 4 Announcements

We have opened a technical support with Apple regarding issues where an iCloud reset does not work.

An iCloud reset should erase all your Opus Domini iCloud data. We have analyzed reports where this is not the case. 

The Apple support is 211542394. We opened it last week and we are still waiting for a response.



We've got our response:

Follow-up:  211542394


Thank you for contacting Apple Developer Technical Support. Our engineers have reviewed your request and have determined that this would be best handled as a bug report.


This means that we will have to keep waiting for a fix to this issue.

We apologize for this issue.


Jose Ines Cantu Arrambide June 19, 2012 Announcements

We have been having some reports that users feel that they need to restart the device sometimes to make a "force sync" with iCloud. We agree with this and have created a bug report with Apple. The bug number report is 11698199.  

If you have this problem, we encourage you to do the same. We suggest you fill a bug report at and use this as subject:

"iCloud Core Data Sync Device Restart To Force Sync" set it as a serious bug, your IOS version (5.1.1) 

Fill out a brief description of what your experience is. You can say that you are using Opus Domini Mobile Pro / Opus Domini for Mac 

The more bug reports, the more the issue will be heard.

Thank you